How To Install Drivers On Wifi Adapter Without Cd || Wifi Adapter Driver Installation Without CD

Grab hold on curtains,drapes, blinds,rooftops or whatever other technician mobile array that have a Seqtor WiFi Driver or a Seqtor WiFi Interface,with a control framework installed.

With the Seqtor WiFi Driver app,you will have the option to control anda handle its different frameworks of opening end shutting rooms all through your cell phone or tablet,wherever you are,home or outdoors.You may open,close and place your blinds at any level,curtains and drapes,as long as you are associated with a remote net to all the equipmentes in your home.Seqtor WiFi Driver application utilizes remote systems design 802.11 b/g/n which make the activity of programming the tasks as basic and natural as they could be.

This application can likewise be utilized for programming and controlling Seqtor WiFi interface items that work under CA motors as computerization units.


– Set up for gatherings of shades in a specific framework;

– Individual or aggregate control of gatherings of window ornaments;

– Group control of all the mechanical frameworks from a one of a kind edict;

– Programming various speeds and positions for various draperies and blinds;

– Programming parts of the bargains top and base shades positions;

– Global control everything being equal (eg shutting every one of the shades/blinds of the house with a singlre direction)

– Programming development for window ornaments and blinds with no need of wire reversal end motor turn over;

– Entrance assurance with a mode secret key (specific);

– Exportation and importation of parameters independently or in bunches with trade among different cell phones or tablets empowered by QR Codes;

– Available in English,German and Portuguese..

All inclusive Android Phone or Android Tablet Driver for Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (x86 and x64).

OTG Disk Explorer allows you to scrutinize USB to streak drives .and card pre clients from your phone or tablets.

OTG USB File Explorer for android enables you to oversee documents from any USB mass stockpiling gadget with a FAT32 or NTFS record framework utilizing the USB OTG port of your gadget, tablet or telephone.

Concentrate to your interior stockpiling. You can discover it on your PC with USB link through MTP.

You should simply to interface the glimmer drive to an OTG (On-the-go) streak drive link at that point plug in the miniaturized scale USB connector of your Android versatile, tablet, mouse or WI – FI connector at that point open USB OTG Checker application.

OTG File Explorer bolster application the executives like Uninstall applications, erase application and oversee application like framework application and client introduce application.

It is conceivable to associate an outer plate or the USB stick further it wasn’t made at this point, and to press the mount button then on the screen the connected gadgets will show up. For a yield of progressively nitty gritty data, it is conceivable to utilize the Mounted catch.

You ought to just interface the blast drive to an OTG (On-the-go) connect by then associate with the littler scale USB connector of your tablet, or mouse or WI – FI connector by then open this application you will see all records in USB drive and you can open them with your most cherished application watchers or editors.

Application Features:

– You can deal with all music and sound related records.

– Automatically start application on gadget associate.

– Automatically mount and unmount drive with a solitary snap.

– Full NTFC and NTFS support. (FAT, Ext2/3/4)

– Load modules consequently. (from/framework/lib/modules)

– You can deal with all video records in your gadget.

– Automatically open the mounted drive.

– Notification when drives mounted.

– Provide joins for USB Drivers.

– You can check USB status on a single tick.

– This application just opens the shrouded settings.

– OTG document adventurer encourages you deal with every one of your records productively with an instinctive interface.

– Automatically open the mounted drive 10 Media scanner activated on mount.

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